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20 Summer Nails Designs to Inspire You

Summer is Officially Here here and that means longer days, warmer weather, colorful flowers and of course bright cute Summer nails designs Of course I’m all for cute nails all year round, but there’s just something about that Summer nail designs that get me extra excited!

Even those of us that keep their nails on the more neutral side tend to feel different adventurous with their nail colors during the summer time! It’s the best time to experiment with bright colorful nails, new textures, patterns and more!

No matter if you have long nails, short nails, acrylic nails, gel nails, Whatever kind of nails I’ve got you covered with over 20 bright nail ideas to inspire you

Summer Nail Designs Expert Techniques

1. Jelly Neon Star Nails

20 Summer Nails Designs to Inspire You

During the summer, bright nails are my favorite, and right now, I'm really obsessed with these semi-transparent jelly nails!

2. Rainbow Tie Dye Nails

 Summer Nails Designs

I don't think I'll ever be able to top these rainbow tie dye nails, but I'll keep trying! These may be my all-time favorite summer nail art!

3. Neon Yellow Flame Nails

20 Summer Nails Designs to Inspire You

It would be an understatement to say that I became completely enamored with flame nails when I finally had them done last month, even though I had been considering them for almost two years. Even folks who typically like more neutral nails commented on these, so if you're on the fence about getting these colorful summer nails this year, go ahead and get them!

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4. Colorful Tie Dye Nails

20 Summer Nails Designs to Inspire You

I'm completely in love with these vibrant tie-dye nails, which mix aspects from several of my favorite manicures from previous summers!

5. Neon Green Dot Nails

20 Summer Nails Designs to Inspire You

The vivid color and pattern of these bright green dot nails nearly give them a three-dimensional appearance! Both long and short nails would look fantastic with this specific design!

6. Blue Marble Nails

20 Summer Nails Designs to Inspire You

It's difficult to acquire anything else after getting marble nails for the first time since the pattern is always so amazing! Because it reminds me of water, I adore the concept of a refreshing blue marble for the summer!

7. Black, White, Pink & Green Funky Nails

20 Summer Nails Designs to Inspire You

These summertime colorful (but also black and white) manicures could be ideal for you if, like me, you have trouble deciding on a look! Many actually stopped me in the street to want to view my nails when I got my manicure earlier this season!

8. Pink & Glitter Evil Eye Nails

20 Summer Nails Designs to Inspire You

I wanted to give my evil eye nails which you can see here a little more shine because I'm a huge lover of them! You just have to constantly coming up with new evil eye nail art designs since they're one of those nail art fads that never goes out!

9. Pink Abstract Nail Art

20 Summer Nails Designs to Inspire You

I think this vibrant nail art is one of my all-time favorites! There's really nothing better than hot pink polish in the summer, even though these are strange yet summery! 

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10. Blue Wave Nail Design

Ocean Nail Art Design - May contain traces of polish

I don't see this squiggly design also known as the "blue wave" manicure design—going out of style anytime soon because it has been a popular nail trend for a few years. It looks good on any length or shape of nail and may be rather subtle with the right color choices.

11. Easy Blue Ombre Nails 

20 Summer Nails Designs to Inspire You

Even if gel nails aren't really your thing, do you still desire a manicure that goes above the standard? Why not give this simple ombre manicure in blue, or any other color!? Simply gather five nail polish bottles in different hues of your preferred color and begin painting!

12. Pink Cat Eye Nails

20 Summer Nails Designs to Inspire You

Look no farther than these pink cat eye nails for an especially sparkly summer manicure! When combined with a jelly hot pink paint for the ultimate shine, cat eye polish, a magnetic gel lacquer, leaves shimmering metallic particles for the ideal summertime manicure!

13. Dainty White Flower Nails

White Delicate Floral Tips | White nail designs, Flower nails, Manicures  designs

These are the ones to get if you want delicate nails! Another fantastic choice for summer wedding nail art.

14. Multi Color Matte Nail Art

20 Summer Nails Designs to Inspire You

Although I usually avoid wearing a lot of color on my nails, this matte nail painting softens the multicolored pattern and makes it less daunting for those who don't usually wear a lot of color.

15. Muted Yellow Wavy Line Nails

20 Summer Nails Designs to Inspire You

I adore manis with wavy lines, and this subdued yellow color is definitely on my list of things to try.

16. Minimalist White Nail Art Designs

20 Summer Nails Designs to Inspire You

An additional fantastic choice for a summer bride manicure! Should I be getting married in the summer or going on a bachelorette party, I would most sure have this manicure!

17. Multicolor Wavy Long Acrylic Nails

20 Summer Nails Designs to Inspire You

Are you looking to paint a statement pattern on your long acrylic nails? Long nails look great with this multicolored wavy design!

18. Rainbow Center Stripe Nails

Searching for adorable and vibrant summer nail art that you can DIY at home? This rainbow stripe nail art is the only thing you need! Five (or ten) different nail polish colors and a nail art brush are all you need!

19. Thegelhouse 

20 Summer Nails Designs to Inspire You

Thegelhouse's manicure perfectly embodies every summertime trend. The combination of soft hues and an abstract line pattern seems appetizing enough to eat. This is for you if you enjoy straightforward yet entertaining nail art.

20. Thehotblend 

If you have trouble choosing just one nail color, take the lead from thehotblend and purchase them all. These rainbow pastel diagonal tips are really playful and unique, making them ideal for those who struggle with being a little indecisive.

FAQ's Summer Nails Designs

What color nails are for summer?

After all, summer is the season for exploration. The summer hues of this season are all about playing around and having fun with novel nail art and color combinations. We're talking vivid, vivid hues like neon orange, bubble gum pink, brilliant reds, or baby blues. 

What nail colors are soft summers? 

Subdued shades like burgundy, purple, and green work well with Soft Summers nail polish. Choose subdued tones instead than vivid and brilliant hues to avoid dominating your skin tone and overall radiance. To draw attention to your natural tones, choose a light gray, dusty purple, or pale gray finish. 

What are the hottest nail colors for summer 2024? 

According to Walton, "this summer, delicate and soft pastels will become more popular, with baby pink, mint green, and soft lemon leading the palette." Without the intensity of the brights and neons we're used to seeing in the warm months, it's refreshing and enjoyable for summertime.