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Paris Haute Couture Week: Clothes for the 1%, thrills for everyone else

A series of designer collections characterized by unique and incredibly artisanal tailoring have been unveiled once again in Paris this week during the Biennial Haute Couture Week. Dear.

Haute couture fashion is more like collectible art than the clothes that most ordinary people own. It is exclusive by definition and each garment is tailor-made for an extremely wealthy clientele.

For the 1%, haute couture fashion is an opportunity to give pleasure , pampered, pampered, shown and even dedicated. (Some high fashion collectors wouldn't dream of wearing the clothes they purchase; they just want to own a piece of fashion history.

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Meanwhile, high fashion is an opportunity for fashion houses to interact closely with their best customers, showcasing the boldest visions of their creative directors and the skills of their design teams. A high fashion collection also means strengthening a brand; It is usually the purest expression of a brand's values. A sort of manifesto. And it's a marketing opportunity: an eye-catching couture collection increases the cultural prestige of a brand and makes people want to buy, even if the gateway is a bottle of perfume.

What. So everyone has it? Why should you worry about clothes that aren't made for you?

Because it's exciting to watch the show, escape into another world and think about excess. . Whether it's the inspiring dresses that end up on the red carpet at the Met Gala or the Oscars, or the runway shows (now almost always simulcast online), couture has infiltrated the culture because it's fun and has a storytelling element. . And we are all invited to have fun.

The American designer Daniel Roseberry summed it up in the show notes of his latest couture collection. All of us who work in the fashion industry know that much of the rest of the world who thinks what we do "It's nonsense," he wrote.

It's a boring criticism and we'll all say otherwise, but when you talk about it If you think about it, fashion is sometimes absurd." It is also provocative, transcendent, empowering and meaningful. It's great. It's wonderful. Read on to learn more about the moments that reflected this sentiment during Paris Haute Couture Week.

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Balenciaga wields the Celebrity power made headlines again when he asked reality star and brand muse Kim Kardashian to pose in her fashion show alongside Nicole Kidman, Naomi Campbell and Dua Lipa. glamorous, she had a collection full of technological innovation (crumpled t-shirts held together by aluminum that can be molded into the desired shape) and extravagance: a wedding dress made with 250 meters of tulle, 70,000 crystals and 200,000 sequins.

The brand also revealed a collaboration with Danish audio company Bang & Olufsen: a “speaker bag” that is both an accessory and a sound system. Who will purchase the 20 limited edition bags? Without a doubt, the same people who buy Balenciaga Couture's buffered visors.

Fendi: a debut in jewelry

For those looking for more traditional accessories, Fendi's first high jewelery models could be the answer. This exclusive set was designed by the artistic director of the house jewelry, Delfina Delettrez Fendi (daughter of Silvia Fendi), using a large number of white and yellow diamonds.

Olivier Rousteing for Jean Paul Gaultier: punks in the spotlight

Since Jean Paul Gaultier retired from fashion in 2020, his namesake brand invited a different designer to create its couture collection each season. This time, Balmain's Olivier Rousteing took the reins and presented a series of creations that pay homage to the Gaultier archives. Tapered bras, Breton stripes and trompe l'oeil motifs get Rousteing's "Balmain Army" treatment (exaggerated shoulders and metallic armor.

CL, Rina Sawayama, Hunter Schafer and Emma Watson at Schiaparelli

The topic of conversation He's halfway there. During the show, two models with baby bumps, nose rings and layers of metal jewelry walked together, an apparent reference to France's decision to extend access to IVF to lesbian couples and single women last year.

Schiaparelli: Flower Power

A series of floral details exploded in Schiaparelli's latest couture collection high end by Daniel Roseberry for Schiaparelli. Whether painted by hand, on leather, or on metal stones and leaves, the floral design was intricate and stunning in vibrant blues and autumnal tones. He added an earthy tone to the home's signature metallic finish and, returning to Roseberry's earlier thoughts, it looked beautiful.

Frequently Asked Questions!

What is Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week?

Paris Fashion Week (in French: Semaine de la mode de Paris) is a series of designer presentations held every two years in Paris, France, with events in spring/summer and autumn/winter each year. The dates are defined by the French fashion federation, known as the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode.

Can you attend Paris Fashion Week?

Only celebrities, producers, models and fashion journalists have access to the shows, which are by invitation only during fashion week. Parisian fashion.

How much does Paris Fashion Week cost?

3,000 USD

Can you provide a price for the barrier? Are you entering the world of fashion? Probably yes. Normally, Paris Fashion Week and the most coveted shows like Peter Do, Saint Laurent and Dior are difficult to access for anyone who isn't an editor, buyer or celebrity. That is, unless you have around $3,000.

Is Paris crowded during Paris Week? Fashion?

Well, it makes the city more populated; All the people who live in the hotel rooms are there. They rent hotel rooms, but not as often in the modest hotels I usually book. And I don't think Fashion Week people are invading museums anymore. They are there more for business.

Where will Paris Fashion Week 2023 take place?

Fashion Week takes place at the Carrousel du Louvre. Nearly 100 shows are organized in the city during the week. They range from lesser-known clothing brands to the most sought-after ones.