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Skims Shapewear Deals All Bodies a Comfortable Hold.

If what I know by now is accurate, almost everything Kim Kardashian touches becomes golden. When it comes to commercial endeavors, particularly those involving fashion and beauty, the influencer and entrepreneur is clearly qualified. This is precisely why Skims Shapewear, her shapewear, loungewear, and underwear company, is always known for routinely selling out of current trends. From ultra-cozy lounge trousers to that strapless bra that bloggers rave about (next on my list of Skims goods to try), people appreciate what the company has to offer.

Although I had looked over Skims when the brand debuted in 2018, after then it has evolved really dramatically. Considering this, I made the decision to test a few more pieces and observe brand evolution for this evaluation. This time I wore the Mid-Thigh Sculpting Bodysuit and the Sculpting Mid-Rise Brief; the brief is presently sold out, but the high-waist variation is linked below. Though there are hundreds of Skims items to pick from and a range of support levels, these are two of the most flexible, popular choices from the company.

Skims Shapewear Overview

Skims Shapewear

The brief was fresh to me even though I tried the original Skims' mid-thigh contouring bodysuit in the past. Since I last tried it, the bodysuit has also evolved; today it features a gusset for simpler bathroom access. Since it's not a stroll in the park to get on or off and neither are the briefs, to be honest, this was one of the most exciting, wonderful upgrades to the bodysuit. Most shapewear has in common—if you want anything that truly holds you in, it's going to take a little pushing and hopping to get it on your body. Though we will get to it later, you could perspire a little during the procedure.

Right off the start, the most useful thing to know about Skims shapewear is the great range the firm offers. Nude doesn’t only mean one hue, and the company recognizes this by providing shapewear in an amazing 10 colors, from onyx to marble. The business also provides sizes up to 5X (or a 00 -26), however the sizing chart might be a little confusing as each item of shapewear is designed to span three sizes. In other words, a XXS/XS is comparable to a 00, 0, and 2 while a S/M is equivalent to a 4, 6, 8, and so on. See the size part of my review for more on my experience with this.

The business also provides distinctive models that cater to low backs, high slits, plunging necklines, and all other sorts of cuts, which is promising if you’re hunting for a shapewear solution that can go beneath a unique clothing. Skims also covers all the necessities, though, with bodysuits, high-waisted shorts, and underwear. Another intriguing component that makes the company a bit distinct is that they provide three various levels of compression (medium, high, and very high), depending on what level of sculpting you’re going for.

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My Shapewear Preferences: Lots of compression

These items absolutely do, and I want shapewear that feels like shapewear—that is, a significant degree of compressive power. Regarding silhouette, I like a classic high-waisted bike short but find the bodysuit concept appealing to avoid any awkward waistband rolling. It makes you confident when you wear skims shapewear for tummy.

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The Feel: Slightly textured and very breathable

Skims Shapewear

Regarding materials, these items include spandex and nylon. One thing I like about the material as opposed to other well-known shapewear companies I've tested was that it had a little roughness (without being bulky), which helped much when it came time to pull on. It wasn't quite smooth and glossy. Once I was wearing them, the items were also remarkably breathable.

The Sizing: Inclusive efforts, but runs small

Usually wearing a 14 or 16 in most bottoms, I got the 2X/3X in these items recalling that they ran small the previous time I bought them—based on the sizing chart, this size is similar to a 16, 18, or 20. Actually, a 4X/5X could have fit me better—especially considering the bodysuit. The briefs were really simple to wiggle into as opposed to the bodysuit, even if they did initially felt a little snug around my thighs and I could have had used a little more covering (thus why I'm sparing you of the pictures). Even with them being a touch tight, their surprising pleasant feeling and no waistband rolling impressed me.

By the conclusion of the session, though, I was sweating since the bodysuit needed so much work to pull on my body. Though I really have no clue how someone would pull this on themself if they have sharp nails, it felt and looked great on me. I had to grab and tug it over my hips and thighs. 

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The Value: Pretty good

For shapewear, these pieces seem really cheaply priced—$32 for the sculpting briefs and $68 for the bodysuit. Particularly in light of the quality when compared to other well-known shapewear companies, they are a rather decent bargain. Although it's an investment, they offer enough adaptability and comfort for you to wear your best items every day and on important events.

Similar Products: You've got options

Skims Shapewear Deals All Bodies a Comfortable Hold.

Should Skims run out of your size or you simply want to test a classic, this Spanx bodysuit ($98) will not let you down. If you do discover one that fits you, you will find a multi-panel. comfortable grip with double gussets even if there are less shade and size choices.

Honeylove Queen Brief: Possibly the most encouraging underwear you will ever own is this ($84) shaping brief. Apart from enhancing and retaining your curves, the design elements help to correct your posture and use sweat-wicking technology to let you feel comfortable wearing it on long, hot summer days. It is one of the most followed skims shapewear low back


Skims Shapewear, period is a Skims product. True shapewear, not underwear, not a smoothing layer, not cycling shorts or a slip. Think Spanx; just slightly more form-fitting. The primary drawback of these pieces, in my view, is overcoming the mental barrier of exactly how little they seem upon first removal from the container. It will initially probably seem impossible that they will suit your physique. They seem practically little, almost funny. And when you try to put them on, initially you will probably need some jumping around and pulling.Once you wear them, though, they feel natural, airy, and they work. Without stretching out or losing their compression, they seem to shape to your body collection with time. 

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FAQ's Skims Shapewear 

Do SKIMS hold your tummy in?

In order to manage your stomach and give your form a lifted appearance, they fit snugly through the waist and provide more compression along the back thighs while decreasing the amount of compression on the booty.

Does SKIMS actually work?

In summary, I have to state... Even with sweatpants, this bodysuit makes me feel really stylish and put together. Skims has really nailed the harmony of comfort, style, and utility.

What is the difference between spanx and SKIMS?

Similar amounts of body-shaping spandex are found in both brands. The Spanx smoothed out my hips and of the more supported my tummy, even if the difference wasn't as noticeable in my outfit.

Can you pee in SKIMS?

That's simply how things go, right? that only the urine flows in that direction. such that it doesn't really come into contact with your underwear or skims. and you avoid creating a huge mess.

Is shapewear bad for your stomach?

"It pushes gastric acid into the esophagus and puts pressure on the stomach." Kouri claims that shapewear can also place pressure on the intestines, making it harder for these muscles to contract and relax. This might result in gas, bloating, or upset stomach.